Department of Informatics and Media

Möt våra medarbetare

Här presenterar vi några av våra medarbetare.

Pär Ågerfalk

Pär Ågerfalk is professor in information systems and conducts research on how to organize to develop IT systems and digital infrastructures.

Interview with Pär Ågerfalk (in Swedish)

Anneli Edman

Anneli Edman, Doctor of Philosophy and Excellent teacher, teaches at the master programme in Information Systems and at bachelor level. The research interest is design of knowledge-based systems supporting learning.

Interview with Anneli Edman

Thomas Ejnefjäll

Thomas Ejnefjäll is a PhD student in information systems and his research is about user expectations and attitudes in a healthcare information system implementation.

Interview with Thomas Ejnefjäll

Elena Márquez

Elena Márquez is a Phd student and she is studying and designing for technology-supported movement-based play in a co-located social setting.

Interview with Elena Márquez

Göran Svensson

Göran Svensson, Doctor of Philosopy, teaches media and communication on all levels. Main research interests are journalism, media criticism and digital media/new media.

Interview with Göran Svensson

Annika Waern

Annika Waern is professor in Human-Computer Interaction and conducts research in play design and interactive technology.

Interview with Annika Waern

Nico Carpentier

Nico Carpentier is professor in media and communication studies. He combines research on communication as the production of meaning, and as a location of participation and power sharing.

Interview with Nico Carpentier