Department of Informatics and Media

Distinguished Lectures in Informatics and Media

Uppsala University, Department of Informatics and Media presents the Distinguished Lectures in Informatics and Media, which delivers lectures given by thought-leaders and scholars selected on the basis of their academic knowledge, creativity, originality and innovativeness. The lectures are "distinguished" because of their content, with external speakers showcasing their research and sharing with the Uppsala University community their knowledge in dialogue with the department’s disciplines.

The lecture series is open to a wide audience, although prior registration might be required.

2018-03-16: Nick Couldry, professor of media, communications and social theory at the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK. Title: The Mediated Construction of Reality

2018-02-16: Maung K. Sein is a Professor of Information Systems at University of Agder, Norway. A Critical Realist Retelling of the Story of Affordances in Information Systems.

2018-01-23: Henry Jenkins, Professor, School for Communication and Journalism, University of Southern California, USA. Title: Popular Culture and the Civic Imagination

2017-10-17: Jon Simons, PhD, Associate Head of School of Arts and Communication (Research and Knowledge Exchange), Leeds Trinity University, UK. Title: From Ear to Ear, From Camera to Screen: The Bereaved Families Forum and Peace Activism in Israel-Palestine

2017-10-16: John Leslie King, Professor, School of Information, University of Michigan, USA. Title: Trust but Verify: The Likely Impact of Blockchain Technologies

For enquiries about the series, please contact Deqa Farah-Asbury