Department of Informatics and Media

New studies on the news framing of the economic crises


Two new academic articles regarding the news framing of the economic crises in Greece and in Cyprus, co-authored by Vaia Doudaki, have been recently published in the European Journal of Communication and in Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism.

The news frames identified in the two studies reproduce the hegemonic neoliberal discourse over the economic crisis, while disconnecting the responsibility for the crisis from the agents involved. As the analysis indicated, the mainstream press in both countries advocates the implementation of neoliberal policies, legitimating them as the optimal model not only of the economy, but also of politics and social practice.

The first article, ‘Dependency, (non)liability and austerity news frames of bailout Greece’, is written by Vaia Doudaki, Angeliki Boubouka, Lia Spyridou and Christos Tzalavras. The second article, ‘Framing the Cypriot economic crisis: In the service of the neoliberal vision’, is written by Vaia Doudaki, Angeliki Boubouka and Christos Tzalavras.

Vaia Doudaki is a research fellow at the Department of Informatics and Media, Uppsala University.