Department of Informatics and Media

IM delegation attends ECREA conference


The Department of Informatics and Media at Uppsala University organised the panel "The Mediation of Refugeedom: Europe’s Refugee Crisis Through Different Lenses" at the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) Conference.

The panel was convened by Ylva Ekström and Jakob Svensson, and chaired by Nico Carpentier. Panel participants were Nico Carpentier, on "Remembering and Forgetting Cyprus – Cultural Trauma, the Cypriot Refugee Crisis and Its Memorialisations", Cecilia Strand, on "The European Refugee Crises Through the Lens of 'the Others'", Vaia Doudaki, on "Discourses of Identity, Discourses of the Other" and Göran Svensson, on "Blaming the Media. Cultures of Criticism and Accountability in Discussions over Refugees, Immigration and Integration".

In addition, Patrick Prax and Nico Carpentier presented a poster on "Analyzing the Participatory Creation of a World of Warcraft Modification – The 12-Steps Analytical Toolkit on the Test Rig". Jakob Svensson (co-)presented three papers at the conference: "Gay the Right Way: Mundane Queer Flaming Practices when Discussing Politics Online", "Staying on the Bandwagon – Swedish Parties’ Adoption and Use of Instagram During the 2014 Elections" and "Political Parties Social Media Practices Between Elections in Sweden Today".

Vaia Doudaki co-presented a paper on "Sources and Actors in the News: Relation Patterns and Legitimation Practices", and Göran Svensson co-presented a paper on "Podcasting as an Instrument of Media Accountability. Experiences from Sweden". Finally, Nico Carpentier also participated in the YECREA round table on "The Silence of the Scholars? Rethinking the (Public) Voice of Academia", and finally, Göran Svensson (co-)presented the paper "Media Accountability Instruments concerning Immigration and the Polarization of Trust  in Journalism in Sweden" at the ECREA Pre-Conference Media Accountability at the Crossroads, 8 november.

An interview with Nico Carpentier at the ECREA conference, with the Charles University student TV team, can be found on the ECREA Conference YouTube Channel.