Department of Informatics and Media

Informatics and media participated at the Alban Studies Days 2017


Nico Carpentier and Vaia Doudaki did a guest appearance at the Alban Studies Days 2017 in Tirana on 28 and 29 April.

Nico Carpentier participated in the opening panel on 28 April with the keynote presentation Populism and popular empowerment - a short reflection on ideology, power and ethics.
The next day he participated in the panel Politics, Communication and Society with the keynote presentation: Creating a peaceful participatory assemblage. How conflict transformation and community media are aligned.
In the same panel Vaia Doudaki participated with the keynote presentation Sources of legitimation in the Greek economic crisis news.

Alban Studies Days 2017 Re-Engineering Reforms for a New Model of Economic Growth and Social Development
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