Department of Informatics and Media

Communication, participation and empowerment

This thematic focal point consists of the following topics: Activism, audience participation in television, co-creative game design, communicative constitution of organizations (CCO), community and alternative media, contextual factors impacting /facilitating/ impairing ICT4D, coorientation, cultural participation, digital diplomacy, election campaigning, evaluating development cooperation, games as alternative media, games as participatory media, informal economy, interactive film, media contestation, media critique and criticism, member/employee empowerment, member/employee engagement, minimalist and maximalist participation, mobile banking, monitoring and evaluating MDGs through ICT4D & M4D, online media participation, openness and transparency in and of the media, participatory media, participatory theory, political opportunity structures and ICT4D, theory and practice of newsmaking and journalism.

Content responsible: Nico Carpentier