Department of Informatics and Media

Our research projects

Research projects at the department of informatics and media.

Ongoing research projects

Ongoing research projects. The links below will lead you to respective page for each project.

Ancient rituals in contemporary landscapes: An exploration of religious practices in social media

Digital and physical play environment (in Swedish)

Social Relationships in the Network Society

PDMS - Patient Data Management System (in Swedish)

DRIVE: Driving re-investment in R&D and responsible antibiotic use - DRIVE-AB

Previous research projects

Some of our prior research projects.

What is the role of economical incentives in the choice of higher education? Vetenskapsrådet. Project leader and contact: Pär Ågerfalk

Forms for development and management of publicly shared digital resources. Vinnova. Project leader and contact: Owen Eriksson

The mission – explore your curiosity. Vinnova.
Project leader and contact: Annika Waern

Management and organising open practices. FAS.
Project leader and contact: Pär Ågerfalk