Interview with Anneli Edman

Anneli Edman, Doctor of Philosophy, Senior Lecturer and Excellent teacher.

In recent years I’ve been teaching mainly at the master programme in Information Systems, the courses Declarative problem solving and Knowledge Management. Now I also teach a course at bachelor's level, Information and IT security. My research interest is design of knowledge-based systems supporting learning.

In my spare time I like reading, solving crossword puzzles and playing board games (even on the computer). A hidden talent that I have is that I sew my Christmas cards and can mix drinks.

Why / how did you become a teacher and a researcher?

My start in the department was as an assistant and then I discovered that it was really fun to teach. Then I got the offer to stay at the department as a teacher. My childhood dream was actually to become a teacher, but in elementary school. Later I had the opportunity to undertake postgraduate studies. It was interesting and fun to explore anything in depth for a long time.

What do you think is most important in your role?

The important part is the interaction and collaboration between students and teachers in a course. I like to try to find teaching strategies to support the students in their learning. It's fun to teach and it's always a challenge to get a positive climate within a course, and thereby facilitate the students’ learning.

Which of your tasks do you enjoy most?

The cooperation with students in courses and with representatives from the student group, for example their education committee. Such cooperation positively affects the development of specific courses but also the whole program.

The best student tradition at Uppsala University?

The Walpurgis celebration with the students’ boats in the Fyris river and the celebrations in the hillside below the university library Carolina Rediviva.

Do you have any advice for prospective / current students?

Plan your studies and try to have a a steady tempo throughout the courses. Then you will, most probably, have time with both the courses and have leisure time and enjoy student life.

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