Human-Computer Interaction 2019/2020

Human-computer interaction is the academic field of study that deals with the interaction between IT systems and the people who use them. The discipline includes theories and approaches to investigate and understand the interplay between IT systems and people, theories and methods for the design of IT-based systems, artefacts, and services from a human- centred perspective, as well as theories and methods for the implementation and evaluation of IT-based solutions from a human- centred perspective.

The focus is on the design, operation and analysis of the user space that individuals face in contact with digital systems, services and artefacts. In line with the ongoing and pervasive digitalisation of our society, questions of how individuals interact with digital materials are of growing importance.

The courses in HCI provides knowledge needed to work with different types of human perspectives on IT-based technology, to independently participate in and lead a user-centred IT development, developing innovative IT-based systems, services and artefacts, as well as to maintain and further develop computer systems with a human focus.

Many of the courses are built around a project-based education, where students are given the opportunity to work on real projects within companies and organisations. We also have access to a usability laboratory that our students will learn to use, as well as a design laboratory for creative experiments with new technologies.


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